Organic fruit yogurt with muesli

Organic fruit yogurt with muesli

  • At least 3.9 % fat
  • Creamy
  • No gelatin or preservatives
  • With organic, fair-trade sugar
  • Cooling temperature + 8 ° C

Ingredients: 3,9 % fat jog hurt, 9% vanilla preparation, water, cane sugar, ground vanilla, vanilla extract, lemon juice, tapiocastrach, thickener: carob flour, 9% muesli (whole grain oat meal, cane sugar, grated coconut, rice, barley malt, salt, flour, honey, sunflower oil) .

May contain traces of: shellfish, walnuts, sesame seeds, soy.

Made in Germany -  European Union

Distributed by:Olivia Organic fzco, IFZA Headquarters, Dubai Digital Park Building A2, Dubai, UAE

Shelf‐life of the product: 3 weeks

The organic label identifies high-quality products from organic farms. It guarantees that organic goods are subject to controls during cultivation and production in accordance with the EC Organic Regulation. Inspection body: DE-ÖKO-037.

The Naturland Fair logo guarantees fair cooperation with producers, trading partners, employees and consumers.


Weight 0.15 kg

527 kJ (125 kcal)


4.8 g

of which saturated fats

2.6 g


15.3 g

of which sugar

11.2 g


4.3 g


0.07 g