ANDECHSER Organic Greek Yogurt

ANDECHSER Organic Greek Yogurt

The ANDECHSER organic creamy Greek yogurt contains 10% fat and is made of premium natural ingredients from organic origin.

 Ingredients: Pasteurised homogenised skimmed organic cow’s milk*, cream made of organic cow’s milk*, lactic acid probiotic cultures.  *of controlled organic farming


Made in Germany -  European Union

Distributed by: Olivia Organic fzco, IFZA Headquarters, Dubai Digital Park Building A2, Dubai, UAE

half‐life of the product: up to 4 weeks

below 6 Celsius degrees ( refrigerated )

 The organic label identifies high-quality products from organic farms. It guarantees that organic goods are subject to controls during cultivation and production in accordance with the EC Organic Regulation. Inspection body: DE-ÖKO-001.

The Naturland Fair logo guarantees fair cooperation with producers, trading partners, employees and consumers.


Weight 0.2 kg

481 kJ / 116 kcal


10 g

thereof saturated fatty acids

6.9 g


3.4 g

of which sugar

3.4 g


3.1 g


0.13 g (natural salt content of milk)